Complete our simple survey now and you could win an iPhone 6s!

Terms and conditions

The Terms & Conditions below apply to an online survey conducted by that gives you the amazing chance to win a brand new iphone just by taking a simple survey

First Step: Registration

If you wish to take part in this survey and be the lucky winner, you need to first register yourself at the website: Your registration process will complete within few minutes and will need you to type in your First name, your Last Name, your postal address, your email id and your contact number. All information provided should be valid. In case you fill in any invalid info you’ll at once be held as a disqualified participant.

Second Step: How eligible are you for the survey?

You should be minimum 18 years old However, advertizing agencies, assignees, representatives, sponsors or even the event coordinators of the survey cannot take part in this survey. Also their family members too are deprived of the pleasure of participating in this kind of a survey

Other conditions you need to know regarding participation:

You can take part in this survey only through internet and the starting date is 1st day of the year. So the closing date for entries to this amazing survey is last day of the year. Your participation will not be influenced in any way by factors such as buying of merchandise, payment of user- fees or using the company’s non-gratuitous services.

How we use your personal data:

We use your personal data to make your participation in the game easy & hassle-free. However we reserve every right to use your data for our promotional activities in the various properties we own. You need not fear data leakage to third party in this.


The survey results will be up on the website within a week of the lucky draw date. The lucky winner will be informed via email.

Rules of Disqualification/Conduct:

Any participant who shows dishonesty while playing the survey; who tries to kind of manipulatethe gaming procedure or disrupt the lucky draw process or refuses to comply with the rules and regulations of the game will be held as ‘disqualified’.